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HD Dreamz Eco is made up of high quality Hollow silicon fibre.
It retains its original shape even after wash.
The fibre used is dust free and hygienic.
Dreamz eco is bouncy and gives cushioning comfort for all.

HD Fluffy Eco is made up of High crimp blended fibre.
It takes the shape of your head thus giving your neck maximum support.
It retains its original shape even after multiple wash.
The fibre used is dust free and hygienic.

HD Dreamz is filled up with best quality Conjugated HD fibre and Finest embossed micro fabric cover on it to give you the ultimate experience of softness and fluffiness.
It is made from the finest of PSF fibre which adds to the Comfort that is required for a Sound Sleep.
Inspite of using this pillow over long period of time and washing it frequently, it keeps its form and bounces back to its original softness and fluffiness.
The material used in this pillow enables your pillow to remain dust free and clean for the ultimate comfort.

HD Fluffy is all set to give you the utmost feeling of comfort.
The ‘HD Fluffy’ has ‘Snowfine’ fiber, this makes it possible to assure you the right contour for your neck.
With ‘HD Fluffy’ your head sinks into the softness of the pillow yet maintains a perfect contour to support your neck.
Most importantly its dust free. After all, you spend a good number of hours with it!

HD Delight pillows are designed to fulfill your different sleep needs.
It will ease your waking hours by improving your sleep quality and give you maximum comfort.
The Nanofine Fibre's special technology is used to produce micro denier fibre which ensures that it gives extra soft feel with the combination of micro fabric tick, it gives blissful comfort.
The micro denier fibre adopts the shape of body and also spring back to shape immediately.

HD Orthopedic Pillow is specially designed to provide optimum sleep posture for your neck and spine.
The head groove ensures that your head rests well, while the elevated support comforts your neck.
The ergonomic designed Orthopedic Pillow ensures that your head, neck and the spinal cord are in perfect alignment, offering you best support.

HD Pride Quilted Microfibre Pillow offers you the best in luxury and ultimate in hygiene.
The fabric used is quilted, which gives uniformity throughout without any lump formation.
The material used inside is Antibacterial which blocks the entry of invisible dustmite particles.
This pillow is odour free, thus making HD Pride completely hygienic.

Repose Pillow is a great combination of softness and support with a clusterbire core.
This Quilted microfibre pillow has luxurious quilted texture for a extremely comfortable and superb nights sleep.
Polyester microfibre is quilted into cover fabric for softness Central core is filled with 100% clusterfibre for firm support.
Quilted box design pattern on its surface helps to provide you the exceptional sleeping experience

Majistic Pillow is covered with an ultra-breathable micro-vented peach finished cover that is softer than silk and cooler than linen.
This luxurious soft pillow offers the ultimate in comfort as your head is supported by a microvented box cased and Premium Piped edge finish.
The fine microfibre filling offers ultra soft cushioning and a slow release effect both of which helps to adjust your sleep patterns and ensures an undisturbed sleep.
The breathable microfibre filling forms an effective barrier against dust mites and other allergens

Serinity Pillow is one of the most environmental friendly regenerated tencel fabric pillow.
Its raw material is extracted from beechwood and it is 100% natural Tencel pillow is softer than silk and cooler than linen its natural sheen provides a good night's sleep which is very important for regeneration of body, soul and mind.
This pillow is very soft and takes the complete pressure of your neck and skull helping you sleep soundlessly.

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